The power of our soul:
is the creative energy,
the base of experiencing,
the “material” of feelings,
the goal of being.

The Divine Self-awareness is the power inside of you. If you relaize it, you can reach even the source of final truth: the energy of accepting, unconditional love. Humans come to this world to experience, create, procreate and fulfil their talent in the light of their own lovability. They have distanced themselves from the ancient unity, from their original quality. However, there is a way back which is the aim; to find who was suppressed inside, the Divine creature, who is in truth.

This helpless body carries the living Spiritual Light who is waiting to find a gap in the closed world of the mind and sign:”Hey, I am here!”
This can be the base of a new life which starts with the question: Who am I? This question will lead us to a mind-set change, to live a new life.

The basis of the Divine Self-awareness method is my own experience, gained during the inner travels of the self-awareness. It has become my inner-certainty, my credo. This is what I have been teaching with all my faith: all people are the joy themselves, the creative power of faith, loveable, divine creatures, who are born with destined missions. This mission is to realize their own unique codes: via the pure light of their soul and the creative power of their faith.

The Divine Self-awareness:
is the creative power, who you are.
With the power of Divine Self-awarness you are able
to identify your mission and why you were born.

The Divine Self-awareness:
is the mercy to let the past to grace
to myself and live a New life.

The Divine Self-Awareness:
is the power inside of you originally taken to know YOU,
the power forever inside of you but you have forgotten,
to release the creative energy inside of you
to remember who you are indeed.

Who are we in truth? Why we were born to this world?
The goal of our being is self-understanding.
In order to understand ourselves, experience can be gathered with help of the forgiving love or with tools of fear in the physical world. The intimidating power of the time has brought the impatience. The power of the money and the ego have distanced us from our souls.

The dissatisfaction has been created the projection of safety into material world. The harmony and the peace have been done away with the duality of thoughts. The loss of female quality and sanctity of family have changed the way of life.

As a result of the above mentioned: we gradually united with our doubts, sense of guilt, impatience, un beliefs, many types and sets of the ego. Distant from our own real entity we do not know who we are and who we have become. We have lost our harmony, do not find our mission and our Karma is activated. Is there a way out?

What kind of technique can help us to get back on our feet, or how can we become individual personalities, gain self-confidence, feel respect and love ourselves with acceptance? Where and how to start? We have to raise our vibration level with the energy – Magenta – liberating from Fear. The key of the method of the Divine self-awareness is the energy called Magenta aubergine coloured with neon vibration. The Magenta was opened by me to humanity from the core of the Earth in year 2000 with 12 people.

I can give my purified faith via my soul because I have also confronted in many situations (loosing, being left, being cheated, being seriously ill, divorce, lack of money and work, being dispossessed, intimidated and vilificated etc.) alone for myself, by myself and for the Goddess living inside of me. You are also able to confront alone on high consious level. After your own confrontation and alchemy you can live freely, openly, without any fear in faith in your loveability.

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